Twisted Stitches of CNY

Member of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA)

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Our mission includes helping members improve their workmanship, and creativity, as well as service related (charity) knitting. 

Our 2013-2014 focus includes increased membership, a comprehensive communication & social media plan, and programming.

2013-2014 Twisted Stitches of CNY Guild Officers
President:  Barbara Jones
Vice President:  Sheila Farley
Treasurer:  Ceaira Detlor
Secretary:  Karen Virginia

 Knitters & crocheters of all skill levels are welcome!
  • We have been a proud member of TKGA for 25 years.
  • Members raised $340 for the SPCA last year.
  • Members knitted over 60 "Survivor Hats" for Vera House.
  • Members filled  the President's car last December with knitted items that were donated to the Onondaga County Department of Social Services.
  • Knitting books & magazines were donated to the Binghamton Knitting Guild who lost their library in a major flood last year.
  • Knitting items (Yarn, needles, and patterns) were donated to 410 Crouse Women's Recovery Group.
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